Chronology of BAIS Church School Scandal:  

Mar 19, 2015 “Evil”TAM Executive Board Action to close BAIS (a church school) and merge it to EIS (a mission school)—Board action not  available due to secrecy and non-transparency; proof only by indirect reference-- eg.. May 25,2015 TAM Board action.
April 30,2015--  Protest of the Two Doctors  (Dr Chokchuang & Dr Supachai) to President Joshua Mok of SAUM and later to President Charnchai Kiatyanyong of TAM.
May 1 ,2015    Call for May 13, 2015 Emergency Meeting by President Joshua Mok of SAUM to reconsider the Mar 19 TAM Action to close BAIS.
 May 13,2015-Emergency Meeting was  held and church and mission board members and pastors and school officials and lay leaders rejected the Mar 19 Evil TAM Action by consensus or vote and elected the Interim Governing Board (IGB)to take over BAIS. About 50 officers or leaders and leading lay members attended this meeting.
May 14,2015- Secret meeting of the main  churches of Bangkok ( IGB not notified or invited) called by TAM to appoint BIC Church under Pastor Galvo to be the new leader or leading church to lay sinister, traitorous plans to rename IGB and change its duties and authority and thus to hijack or betray IGB and regain control of BAIS  .
 May 18,2015-TAM Executive Board Meeting by electronic vote and voted to revoke “Evil” TAM Board Action of Mar 19,2015 which was immediately rejected by Joshua Mok of SAUM who demanded  a re-vote which occurred on May 25,2015
May 25, 2015-TAM Executive Board Meeting not only nullified or cancelled above electronic vote of May 18 but also reaffirmed or reconfirmed Evil TAM Board Action of Mar 19, 2015 to close BAIS.

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